Decorative Stencil

Decorative stencil is a process of spraying concrete slurry over existing concrete to rejuvenate sad concrete without the nasty price tag and bulldozers. Our exclusive 8 step process is achieved by grinding, repairing and applying a diluted acid wash combined with pressure cleaning . Once a sustainable porous surface is achieved, it is ready to be sprayed.  All the surrounding areas are masked up, plants protected and rubbish taken away. Our aim is to achieve high style and looks.

Currently we have 36 patterns (More) , 30 colour's and over 100 different variation designs to choose from. We can invert colour's and also fleck multiple colour's. Besides beauty their are many attributes undertaking decorative stencil, like increasing your property value, and keeping up with the Jones's. You will have your neighbors dazzled by the elegance and beauty in such a short period.


Below are some customer photos we have completed in Melbourne. Click for high resolution picture.

Decorative_Concrete_01  Decorative_Concrete_02  Decorative_Concrete_03  Decorative_Concrete_04  Decorative_Concrete_05  




Their are 2 steps to prepare for decorative stencil. Simply choose a pattern and colour's and your ready for a consultation.


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