Sample of 40 Year old concrete

Below are some illustrations of concrete well over 40 years old. As you can see the older the concrete, the more features that tend highlight the surface. These fascinating rocks were used in the early days of concrete laying known as river bed rocks. Riverbed and other colored rocks are now requested as many concrete contractors use common blue rock. So if your planning a new concrete pour and polish we recommend contacting Contact Us as this is crucial to the end result . Alternatively we can arrange the complete process from start to finish. This will ensure you get the surface, colour and features you seek. It can be a costly exercise if your flooring goes sour. We highly recommend a consultant contact you and discuss all the variations that become visual within the concrete resurface.



Click on image to enlarge. Images have not been manipulated.

Concrete Polishing_007    concrete polishing_008    Concrete_polishing_0010    Concrete_polishing_0011

Concrete_polishing_0012    Concrete_polishing_0013    Concrete_polishing_0013    concrete_polishing_0014



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